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_:. Nation Information Personal message provided on 4/6/2013:
Dulra is a place of peace and courtesy. The people of Dulra strive to set an example by word and deed. A people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds that have become a mosaic not a melting pot. Respect for tradition and venerable values is melded with a belief in growth and technology to form a dynamic but respectful vision of the future.

Those in true need will find a word of advice and a helping hand. Those who honour the honest and simple values of friendship, integrity and civility will find the shield and sword extended to protect and support them. Dulra believes in the wisdom of the old Chinese proverb : Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Open and respectful discourse is encouraged at home and abroad. No person can find the truth if it cannot be spoken, no one can learn if knowledge is hidden and no people can prosper when hate fills the heart. Dulra welcomes all to meet and share as a stranger is just a friend as yet unmet.
_:. Government Information
Ruler: Hime Themis
Nation Name: Dulra
Last Activity: 12/13/2017 8:37:30 AM
National Flag:
Alliance Affiliation: The Order of the Black Rose
Previous Owner
Capital City: Deva Loka
Government Type:

- Anarchy
National Religion:

- None
Currency Type:
Nation Team:
Nation Created: 9/28/2007 10:02:20 PM (3,729 days old)
Technology: 99,180.00
Infrastructure: 1,000.00
Area of Influence: 5,313.942 mile diameter.
0.000 in purchases, -279.681 in modifiers, 5,593.623 in growth
War/Peace Preference: War is an option for Dulra.
Connected Resources:
Bonus Resources:
Trade Slots Used:
Improvements: Banks: 5, Casinos: 2, Churches: 5, Clinics: 5, Factories: 5, Foreign Ministries: 1, Harbors: 1, Hospitals: 1, Intelligence Agencies: 5, Jails: 5, Missile Defenses: 5, Police Headquarters: 5, Prisons: 5, Red Light Districts: 2, Rehabilitation Facilities: 5, Satellites: 5, Schools: 5, Stadiums: 5, Universities: 2
National Wonders: Agriculture Development Program, Anti-Air Defense Network, Central Intelligence Agency, Disaster Relief Agency, EMP Weaponization, Federal Aid Commission, Foreign Air Force Base, Great University, Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo, Interceptor Missile System, Interstate System, Manhattan Project, Mining Industry Consortium, Moon Colony, Moon Mine, National Cemetery, National Environment Office, National Research Lab, Nuclear Power Plant, Pentagon, Scientific Development Center, Space Program, Strategic Defense Initiative, Universal Health Care, Weapons Research Complex
Senate Votes: 0 Votes (Senate Votes Disallowed)
_:. Military Information
Nation Rank: Ranked #10 of 4,202 Nations (0.2%)
Nation Strength: 498,900.013
Efficiency: 133.79
Number of Soldiers: 0 (0)
Number of Tanks: 0
Aircraft: 0
Cruise Missiles: 0
Navy Vessels: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 1,967,514 Attacking + 11,471,551 Defending = 13,439,065 Casualties
Total Population: 35,326 Mixed Supporters

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