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Last Major Update: 5/31/2024 7:00 AM

Cyber Nations is an ever evolving nation simulation game. Launched in 2006, there have been countless changes over the years. Use this page to see what's new.

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Updated the population preferences on national religion to rephrase some of the existing descriptions (Sikhism has always been kind of funky, that's fixed now) and included Norse as a desired religion.

Updated the infrastructure purchase page in the game to allow for specific number entries rather than the dreaded drop down box.

Updated the in-game private messaging system. The compose screen now lets you carbon copy up to 25 other ruler names into your message. The inbox now allows you to mass delete messages and will now display 20 messages at a time instead of 5.

Set a limit of 200 on the number of in-game private messages a member can send in a day. This is to help prevent spam in the game and help fight against mass script attacks. The messaging system will be revised in the coming weeks and this number can be adjusted if needed at that time.

In an effort to stop the use of mass messaging scripts in the game I have added image verifications when sending and responding to in-game private messages. The verification image will appear if you have sent 25 or more private messages to other users during the course of the day.
All users are required to enter a verification image to login to the site if they fail on their first login attempt.

Continued work on national wonders. I'll be posting some info on them shortly.
Added a field in the nation display page for 'Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars' so that players can see how many solders they have lost throughout the life of their nation. This number will be important for one of the national wonders.

I've made some changes to the cruise missile system including how satellites and missile defenses are calculated. The 30% bonus to satellites and missile defenses was causing a problem when the improvements rose above 3 improvements so they have been reduced to 10% instead of 30% and the calculations have been re-coded to make everything even.

Modified the senator sanctions over the past few days. Now individual senators can only have up to 5 active sanctions and the limit per team is 15 active sanctions rather than 30.

Added a screen to view all sanctions placed around the world by team senators. The screen can be accessed via the world statistics screen.

I've added a color blind accessibility feature to the game. You can change your setting by clicking the My Profile link on the left navigation menu in-game. For now this feature only affects the colored team blocks that I added yesterday.
I added a secret trade option that forfeits any team bonuses but allows the trades to become immune to team sanctions. It is important to note that once a sanction has been placed against a nation no one from the sanctioning team will be allowed to trade with it, secret or not, so secret trade agreement are something that have to be setup prior to the sanction being created.

Updated the team and alliance stats pages to update automatically every 24 hours instead of me having to do it manually. You'll notice that the pages load very quickly now too.
Added colored blocks to represent the teams in the game instead of colored text. The yellow and pink teams seemed to blend in with everything and the colored blocks stand out much better.
Modified the in-game search feature a bit to provide a couple of options when searching. It was a very simple addition and I'm not sure how helpful it will be.

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