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Last Major Update: 5/31/2024 7:00 AM

Cyber Nations is an ever evolving nation simulation game. Launched in 2006, there have been countless changes over the years. Use this page to see what's new.

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Players that are referred to play Cyber Nations who reach an in-game strength of 5,000 points will receive a +1 happiness bonus to their nation for a period of 7 days after the referral bonus is applied to their friend's nation. Both players will now be notified when the referral bonus is processed via an in-game private message.

The referral bonus rewards have been doubled. The nation strength requirement to receive the bonus for referred nations has been decreased from 10,000 nation strength to 5,000 nation strength.

The Moon and Mars hotspots did not change on the first of the month as scheduled due to a glitch in the code. The hotspots have now been moved to new random locations.

Starting today, with the start of Cyber Nations Tournament Edition Round 12, we are giving away some really cool prizes to the top 3 nations that finish the tournament round highest in overall nation strength. Check out the Tournament Edition prizes page for more details.

Upgraded the Nuclear News Reports screen to provide records of all successful attacks as well as thwarted attacks for the last 60 days. The screen now has two tabs at the top which allow you to view nuclear attacks and nuclear purchases. Both the nuclear attacks tab and the nuclear purchases tabs are searchable by a range of search options now.
Added new in-game popup left navigation menus to make navigating around the site a bit more efficient. The popup menus make navigating the game much easier and they can be turned on or off in your My Profile screen. (since there are redundant links throughout the game, turning the popup menus off will not affect gameplay)
Also over the past couple of days a character counter has been added to the in-game private message box and on the infrastructure and land purchase pages the game will now remember your last purchase amount for easier bulk purchases.

I'm doing some testing using Facebook Connect which will allow players to publish bits of information about your nation to your Facebook wall. All of this information is private, meaning no one will be able to see your Facebook profile but you, only you will control what gets posted to your Facebook wall, and none of your Facebook data will be collected or shared by us.

The donation screen has been reworked. I've updated some of the rewards (the $20 bonus will remain the same) and done away with the store purchase bonus and replaced it with a new $25 donation bonus option. The new $25 donation option is just like making a $20 donation plus getting the old store purchase bonus except now you don't have to buy an item and pay for all that expensive shipping just to get the game bonus. This will also allow me to clean up some backend code and allow me to keep track of things much easier. The Cyber Nations Merchandise Store will remain open for players who still wish to make purchase from it, just know that there is no longer an in-game bonus associated with your purchase.

In-game account hackings are still taking place. We ask that everyone make sure that your password is secure and do not use the same password in offsite communities as you use in-game. If you are unsure if your game account password is unique to all other websites that you visit or if you are using a weak password please change it via your Profile Screen.

The Cyber Nations forums will be down for much of the weekend as we perform a software upgrade.
There have been some game account hackings recently. Make sure your password is secure and do not use the same password in offsite communities as you use in-game. If you need to update your in-game password visit your Profile Screen.

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