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Last Major Update: 5/31/2024 7:00 AM

Cyber Nations is an ever evolving nation simulation game. Launched in 2006, there have been countless changes over the years. Use this page to see what's new.

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The Detailed Alliance Statistics screen now shows alliance foreign aid slots (Used / Total). I also added the total number of votes that nations in the alliance have received as well as a count of active wars for alliances. (These last two fields were added mostly to make the table columns align properly, but I thought they might be useful anyhow)

The nation bonuses provided by donating have been doubled.
The referral bonuses have been increased from ($1 million, 100 land, 40 infras, or 20 tech) to ($5 million, 500 land, 100 infras, or 50 tech) for each player referral that you bring into Cyber Nations that reaches 5,000 nation strength.

I'm in the process of removing the 200 nation sanction requirement for alliances. I also added back The International flag because the alliance did follow all existing rules when they achieved sanction status, however if in the future an alliance obtains sanction and then quickly loses it, we will reserve the right to remove the flag.

Nations can now change their resources once every 30 days via your Nation Edit screen. There is no cost associated with changing your resources and you can select any two resources that you want. Changing your resources will update all of your trade agreements and your trade partners will receive notifications of your change in resources.
Since nations can choose their own native resources, Coal, Oil, and Uranium now provide an environment penalty if they are one of your base resources.
I have created a new statistics screen called World Resource Distribution.

This coming Saturday on 9/17/2011, per this discussion thread and others, I will be implementing the ability to change your default resources in Cyber Nations Standard as you can do in Cyber Nations Tournament Edition. There will be a 30 day waiting period between resource changes. I'm giving everyone advanced notice of this update so that you can get your trade partners/circles ready for the big change. If you'd like a sneak preview of what is to come, visit Cyber Nations Tournament Edition where this update is already live.

If you haven't joined Cyber Nations Tournament Edition already, it's not too late to get started. We're only 4 days into the current tournament round and this time the round is 90 days long rather than the usual 60 days, so you have plenty of time to catch up. I've been using Cyber Nations Tournament Edition as a testing ground for new updates for quite a while now, and with the recent addition of in-game alliances we need as many players as we can get to test everything out. Head on over to TE and share your thoughts and toss around a few nukes while you're at it. 

Major Update to Cyber Nations Tournament Edition: Players can now manage their own alliances, upload flags, approve membership request, remove or ban nations from the alliance. You can also give alliance titles to individual alliance members, give them access rights to help you manage your alliance, and assign an alliance heir to take control of your alliance in case you decide to leave your alliance or delete your nation. You can provide a brief description about your alliance and also make your alliance forums link visible on your alliance display screen. Signup here to checkout the updates.

A couple of minor changes have been made to Cyber Nations Tournament Edition including the option to receive free donations applied to your Cyber Nations Standard account instead of receiving the regular merchandise prizes. The prize donations will not go against your monthly donation limit.

A few minor changes were made today. The trade and foreign aid screens now provide clickable icons to accept or reject offers instead of using the old text links. The foreign aid reason will now be included as part of the private messages sent to the recipient. To help remove clutter on the left navigation menu, the Delete My Nation link has been moved to the Edit My Nation screen and taken off the left navigation menu. The nation display screen will now indicate how long a nation has been in peace/war mode beside the peace/war mode icon. The missing flag border for alliance flags on the alliance stat screens has been fixed. The game update log will now serve information by the year in an effort to improve the update log page load time. A unique identifier has been added to the foreign aid and war stats download files to help detect duplicates when compiling the data over time.

There was some confusion regarding the site terms and conditions pertain to automated scripts. The last sentence in clause #7 of the website terms and conditions has been changed from, "Browser add-ons are generally ok as long as they do not cause increased server loads or present security issues." and now reads as, "Static browser add-ons, those that do not perform any kind of automated routines, are generally ok as long as they do not increase server loads or present security issues. If you are planning on running any type of browser add-on you are advised to contact the admin directly and seek approval first."

The reason for this rule is two fold. 1) To prevent server activity spikes from automated scripts and 2) For fairness to everyone who plays the game who follow the rules and do not use automated scripts to gain advantages in-game. If you are going to use a browser add-on with this site and are unsure if it is allowed or not, please ask before using it.

The moon and mars wonder map marker positions have been offset slightly from one another so that if you have more than one wonder and they are all on the same location on the map, you can still zoom in and see each individual marker. This offset is for visual reference only and does not affect the effectiveness of the wonder as the game still thinks that they are still on top of one another.
Added an Alliance Statistics download file in the Stats Download screen.

Added Battle Taunts to the ground attack screen. If you have suggestions for additional default Battle Taunts see the suggestion box.
Added a 30 Day Nation Strength History chart to the World Demographics screen. I started collecting this data on the 15th so it will be a few more weeks until the chart fills itself out fully.

As requested here, the Detailed Alliance Statistics screen will now count active nations as those who have logged in within the past 2 days rather than using a nations last tax collection.

Added aid and war reasons to the stats download files.

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