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Last Major Update: 5/31/2024 7:00 AM

Cyber Nations is an ever evolving nation simulation game. Launched in 2006, there have been countless changes over the years. Use this page to see what's new.

2013-2024 2011-2012 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

In updating some backend code for trade agreements today I created a bug that caused some trade agreements to not register in the game properly. Those trade agreements that were affected by this bug have been removed from the game. If you lost a trade agreement just re-issue the trade, it wasn't working properly anyways.

The CIA wonder will now be hidden on the nation display page except for the user who owns it.
The site terms and conditions regarding sending joke foreign aid packages has been moved from line #25 to an addition on line #5 of the site terms and conditions. I didn't see the point anymore of having a separate clause for joke foreign aid offers.

The eight new wonders have been added to the game.
The character limit on alliances in-game is now 50 characters.

The nuclear news reports screen will now display the attacking nation moving forward.
Eight new national wonders are being released in the coming days. See the Information Index on wonders (upcoming items in red text) for more information.

The 10/27 update that restricted alliance names caused a bug with new nations in that it would allow duplicate nation names to exist in the game. The bug has been corrected. There were about 10 duplicate nation names in the game due to this bug, all have been renamed by adding II or III to the end of the nation name.

The ground battle calculations have been updated. The technology effect is no longer capped and the impact of technology, infrastructure and land have all changed.
When performing a ground battle against a nation that has been inactive for 13 days or more technology, land, and money will be destroyed rather than looted. This is to prevent last minute looting via war declarations on nations that are inactive just before they get deleted.
The technology requirements for aircraft have increased as suggested in this thread.
Nations involved in ground attacks performed between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM game time will receive a 5% bonus to their technology bonus for attacking/defending at night. Ground attacks performed between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM will receive a 1% bonus to their soldier efficiency strength. (Not considering your opponent, if you have less than 1,000 technology it is better to attack during the day otherwise it is better to attack at night.)
DEFCON now affects attacking and defending aircraft just as it does ground battles. See the DEFCON information index for details on the calculation.

Global Radiation has been brought back into the game. The cap on global radiation is set at 5.0. There is no threshold for a happiness bonus for a low global radiation level. The formula for global radiation level has also been updated as detailed in the Information Index.
The nation strength of technology has been reduced from a multiplier of 20 to a multiplier of 5. Nation strength will update when you view your nation. NS updates when performing a transaction as usual now.
Cruise missiles and nuclear weapons now destroy technology levels.

Added government icons to the game similar to the existing religion icons on the nation details page.
Added three new categories for government effects. See the Information Index on Government Types for the update. Governments that affect improvement upkeep get 5% upkeep off their improvements and wonders. Governments that affect military upkeep get 2% upkeep off all their weapons (soldiers, tanks, cruise missiles, nuclear missiles, aircraft). Government that affect spies get +10% spy operation/counter-operation odds.

Removed the Threat Level indicator from public view on the nation display page.

Players can now select which nation display view (Extended or Standard) to use as their default view in the game by choosing their selection in their 'My Profile' screen.

The allowed characters in the Alliance Affiliation field are more restricted now.
Added the alliance date to the alliance stat pages. See the update log entry on 9/10/2007 for more details about the alliance date.
Added the trade slot indicator image to the nation display page.

Maintenance work will be performed on the game server tonight between 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM game time. The game may go down during this maintenance window.

Updated the cap on max land purchases from 10k to 20k.

Updated the trade agreements screen to provide a cleaner UI and to display trade partner team and alliance information.

Within the next week war records will be deleted after 30 days of the war start date just as foreign aid is deleted after 30 days of the offer date. If you would like to retain your old war records you'll need to copy and save them to your own files. Removing the old war records will help clean up the database a bit as well as help everyone better gauge how many wars are currently being waged in the game.

Moved/Updated/Removed a few links on the left navigation menu in an effort to consolidate and organize the menu a little better.
Provided a 'Spy Operations' screen in-game that details your spy operations where you were the aggressor in the spy operation. This screen does not detail spy operations that you have defended against. You may click the 'Details' link to view expanded details about each mission. The details is a new field that will be saved moving forward only, so some spy operations may not provide the option to view the expanded details of the mission. Spy operations will stored in the game for a period of 30 days.
Updated the in-game message system to provide a search option for messages. You can now search through your received and sent messages for sender, recipient, subject, and message contents. The layout of the message screens have been updated as well including the removal of the 'Sent Messages' link from the left navigation menu. To get to your sent messages click the 'Sent Messages' tab from within your inbox.

Updated the My Saved Nations list to include a visible line from any notes that you have on a nation for quick reference.

Added an advanced search page to the game. This page is a collection of the various search options in the game all in one convenient place.
The in-game search will now show images to visually indicate how many trade slots a nation is currently using. The image is a bit hard to see on the grayed background results and I'll try to fix that soon.
The advanced trade finder screen has been upgraded with the change described above as well as a performance upgrade. You can also now page through the results and toggle the search panel off and on to get it out of the way of your search results.

The alliance audit has been processed. Only a representative from \m/ contacted me to keep their flag in game by the deadline. Please report any bugs with the update in the bug reports section of the forums.
I'll process the recent alliance audit as soon as all newly sanctioned alliances forward me their alliance flag 80px in height. All newly sanctioned alliances have reported in. To the alliances losing your sanction if you want to keep your flag in-game a representative from your alliance must PM me with a request to keep it BEFORE I make the audit update in-game, otherwise your flag will be replaced by one of the newly sanctioned alliances. Deadline for contacting me is 10:00 PM game time tonight.
Testing of the spy feature has gone well. The limited release of spies has been moved to a full release.
Nations at war may now provide a reason for peace when submitting peace offers. The default peace reason is Cessation of Hostilities.

The citizen happiness penalty for having a soldier efficiency above 80% soldiers:citizens ratio has been updated. The penalty has been changed to use real solider numbers rather than solider efficiency levels. All other population happiness equations still use the solider efficiency number.

A new tank purchase screen has been added to the game.
If a nation is defeated in battle but still raids the enemy nation the value of the raid is now halved.
Spies have been added to the game as a limited release. Nations may purchase spies and conduct non-destructive spy operations as detailed in the green text in the Spy Information Index. As soon as the feature is fully tested and tweaked the more destructive operations (red text) will be released. Please report any bugs that you encounter in the bug report section of the forums. Report exploits to me via private message.

The soldier efficiency update is now complete. One change to note with this update is that a nation's total population is no longer based on soldier modifiers as it is now based off real soldier numbers. Because of this your total population numbers will decrease and your population per mile will decrease. Your working citizen numbers are not affected nor are your tax collections. Also, population happiness is based off soldier efficiency as it always has been, no changes there. Nations will pay less for soldier upkeep now as bills are based on real soldiers and not efficiency numbers any longer. A new soldier purchase screen has also been added to the game. Please report any bugs that you encounter in the bug report section of the forums.
With the update above, nations may now purchase up to 80% of their population in REAL soldiers. I expect nation militaries to increase in size quite a bit with this update. Since you may now purchase up to 80% of your citizen population in real soldiers, and since population happiness is based off of efficiency levels (as it always has been) if your efficiency level is greater than 80% your population happiness will suffer.
As defenders in ground battles have always benefited from soldier modifiers now attackers receive soldier modifier effects with their deployed troops. The soldier efficiency number increases your battle odds however casualties are now taken from REAL soldiers.

Decommissioning tanks is now separate from dismissing soldiers. Before you could only dismiss soldiers or tanks once every 2 days which meant if you need to dismiss both tanks and soldiers you had to wait 4 days to do so. Now you may dismiss soldiers once every 2 days and tanks once every 2 days.
Working on the soldier efficiency update. Next to your soldier number in-game you'll see your efficiency rating in parenthesis and your total population number may change. Do not be alarmed by these changes. This is all part of the coming update and will be described in more detail soon.

A scheduled maintenance window will cause the game and forums to go down between 09/27/07 at 1:00 am through 09/27/07 at 6:00 am.
Progress is being made on the soldier modifier issue. This update will be released to the game very soon along with spies.

Making progress on spies. Everything is in place now, I'm just testing everything out and performing final tweaks at this point. Once the feature is ready to go live I plan to release it regardless of any in-game wars that are happening (This feature is already delayed).

Added an alliance date to the game found on a nations extended display screen. The alliance date represents the date that the nation joined a particular alliance. The default date used for this field is the nation's creation date. This field will be updated anytime a player changes their alliance affiliation in their nation edit screen. Do not report a bug if your alliance date is incorrect. This field will only be accurate moving forward.
Players can now select the number of nations that they want to be displayed on the screen when searching or viewing nation list screens by editing your profile. You may choose 10, 20, 30, or 40 nations to be displayed at a time.

The InvisionFree forums are acting up and not allowing users to view topics correctly. The game staff has decided to move over to these forums while the problem is being worked on by IF staff.
Created a Cyber Nations Information Index page in-game to replace all the old forum topics about the game.

As discussed since 7-24-2007 defeat alert messages now destroy 3% 5% of a nation's money reserves up to $3 $5 million. Theses caps are lower than the original caps that were discussed last month and may be raised at a later time. Update 10/12/07: The caps have been increased as promised to 5% and $5 million.
Spies are still in the works but the release of the feature will have to be pushed back a little bit.

A few minor word edits have been made to the site terms and conditions over the past couple of days mostly to help clear up confusion about a couple of the rules. As has been done numerous times in the past when the terms and conditions were updated all users will be notified of these changes and will be required to accept the updated terms and conditions in order to play the game. To review the previous terms and conditions click here.
The typos as detailed here have been corrected.

Nations may continue to re-declare war on a nation the same day that peace is established but this can only happen once per day now.

Coming soon. The defeat alert message update detailed on 7-24 will be released. (It has not been released yet, so stop claiming that it has already)
Progress is being made on spies. I expect to release this feature later this month. It will probably be released with limited things that spies can do in order to allow everyone time to build up their counter spy defenses and learn the system before sabotage missions are introduced. Expect more details soon. I think this is going to be a fun feature for the game.

After further consideration on the defeat alert changes made yesterday I have decided to hold off on the change until next month. I hold firmly that this and a number of other changes are necessary to fix the battle system but in order to give all players fair warning the changes that were made yesterday have been commented out. I will revisit this issue in August. It might be early mid or late August, depends on the situation.

The cost of some improvements, aircraft, cruise missiles, and nukes have been increased in the game.
Defeat alert messages are more damaging and 5% of a nations money reserves can now be destroyed (not stolen) up to $5 million when a nation is defeated.
Decreased the upkeep cost of infrastructure for nations with more than 5,000 infrastructure.
Updated my avatar to something more appropriate.

Based on this suggestion the 30K nation strength rule for war has been increased to 50K. Nations 50K strength and above can declare on anyone else 50K strength and above.

Processed the recent alliance audit. If there are any bugs with any of the in-game changes please report them in the bugs section of these forums.

Corrected an exploit that would allow nations to delete their harbor and keep their 5th trade slot. Now you must cancel your 5th trade slot before you will be allowed to delete your harbor.
Updated the extended nation display descriptions that appear under Nation Information.

Due to recent account hackings in the game we encourage everyone to update their password to a new and more secure password by visiting your in-game profile screen.
The foreign aid and war declare screens have been temporarily taken offline.

Updated a number of stats pages in the game to provide more functionality including sorting and page jumping abilities. This should also improve performance and if I'm lucky get rid of that old bug where when paging through the stats a single nation would appear multiple times. Please report any bugs with this update or if you notice a link in the game pointing to an old screen in the bug reports section of the game. If this works out I will try to expand this update to other areas of the game.

I've temporarily disabled the secret aid feature added yesterday. I want to reconsider what information is displayed to the public so the feature will be offline for a few days.

Based on the suggestion in this thread secret foreign aid offers have been added to the game. To send foreign aid in secret click the secret aid box in the aid offer screen. When you send foreign aid in secret it will cost your nation 200% of the items that you send. The receiver as usual will still get the actual amounts of the items that you send. Secret aid offers hide the receiver's information and aid details with ????? instead of displaying that information to the rest of the world. Since this is a new feature and there may be bugs do not risk your reputation on the feature - I will not be responsible if there is a problem and you get beat down because your secret aid offer is discovered.

When a team senator creates a new team message for your team all team members will now be alerted to the message in their nation details page.
Removed this update as several members chose to begin using the team messages feature for spam. If the spam continues the members will be removed from their senator position or removed from the game entirely.

Performing a little routine maintenance today. The site will go down at 11:30 AM server time for a few minutes.

The Donation Offer has been updated. To make a donation towards a nation use the search form in the donation offer screen to find the nation where the donation bonus is to be applied and then click the 'Make Donation' link at the top right of the nation details screen. This is part of an effort to streamline the donation process. Take your time and read the text in the donation offer screens. Attempting to bypass this update by simply providing your nation and ruler name in the PayPal memo field will no longer work.

ONOS and GOLD have been added as sanctioned alliances in-game. Cyber Nations does not use acronyms in-game so ONOS will need to change their AA to Organized Nations Of Superiority and GOLD will need to change their AA to Global Organization for Liberty and Defense. Blame your NPO and NpO buddies for the reason why CN does not use acronyms.
The ONOS and GOLD flags have been added to the game. Out of deep respect for their dedicated history to CN, NAAC and GATO flags will remain in-game.

A warning system has been added in-game. Nations in-game can view their warning level by viewing their extended nation display screen. Nations are given 3 warning before they reach 100% at which time they are to be banned from the game. Warnings will be issued when offensive language or content is used anywhere in the game, cheating or suspected cheating, war slot filling, etc... Cyber Nations will continue to reserve the right to delete/ban a user on the spot, and thus bypassing the in-game warning system, if it is deemed necessary.

Still working on the battle calculations that have been an issue with soldier modifiers. Until the calculation is fixed game play will resume as before with soldier modifiers having the potential to cause anarchy with negative troop numbers. This is top priority for me so expect a solution soon.
While this issue is being worked limits have been placed on the amount of troops you can deploy. You can only deploy what troops you have before soldier modifiers.

Added the ability to cancel a peace offer.
If a nation attacks another nation after either nation has sent a peace offer the peace offer will be automatically canceled by the system.

Modified the search engine in-game to allow users to search by nation strength ranges. The nation strength input is optional and you can input one or both numbers to narrow your search criteria.
Added a trade finder tool that allows you to specify the specific resources that you are looking for, team selection, and optional nation strength ranges. This tool can be found via the World Statistics screen.

Changed the battle calculations to make it more difficult to put an opposing nation into Anarchy. The 'instant anarchy' tactic will no longer work according to the previous calculations.

Added the ability to search by team and alliances in the foreign aid screens. The alliance and team information will be collected from this point forward.

Added the ability to search by team and alliances in the war screens. The alliance information will be collected from this point forward.

Made changes to the effects of furs, radiation cleanup, uranium, lead, and pigs. See the Resources & Trade Agreements thread for full descriptions of all resources.
Schools increase literacy rate +1%, Universities increase literacy rate +3%.

After a week of testing I have tracked down what I believe is the cause of so much update lag in the game. It was the little indicator for new messages on the left navigation panel in-game that would read Inbox (1) when you had a new message. I have taken this feature out of the game and have added a message in the nation details page to let users know when they have new messages. I'm going to keep a close eye on things but so far after taking this feature out I have noticed a 100% positive improvement on the performance of the game.

Upgraded the game servers on CN and CN:TE to a much faster performing server. This is a significant upgrade so if you notice anything out of the ordinary in the game please report the issue in the bug reports section.
The bonus resource Radiation Cleanup has been edited to help improve environment in CN standard. I'll be taking suggestions on this bonus resource to try and figure out something more to do with it.
Nations are now required to be up to date on their bills in order to launch nuclear weapons just like all other screens in the game.

Updated the resource Lead to provide increased military cost reductions. Global radiation is now capped at 4 instead of 3.
Based on this suggestion technology now decreases infrastructure upkeep costs. The update to technology is detailed in the technology information thread.
Along with other purchase screens in-game nation strength is now updated when a nation approves a foreign aid offer and when aircraft is purchased and destroyed.

Added a field in-game so that players can check when the last time they sent in a donation to Cyber Nations and for how much. I get a lot of questions from people asking, "When was the last time I donated?" because they are unsure if they donated during the current calendar month or not. The information on your last donation record for your nation is viewable only to the player who owns the account and it is located below your ruler name in the extended nation display screen. The records for this field start today so if you have previously donated and your screen says "No donations on record" this is why.

Updated the alliances in-game based on the recent audit results.

Adjusted the literacy rate equation. Literacy now requires a much higher level of technology to increase your literacy rating. Added a new bonus resource called Scholars that included with a literacy rate greater than 90% (50% in CN:TE), lumber, and lead will increase population income +$3.00.
Adjusted the uranium resource and the asphalt bonus resource for game balance purposes.

Added a new screen to pull alliance information in real time for both sanctioned and non- sanctioned (custom) alliances.
Added two new teams to the game, and . This is to make the game match the number of sanctioned alliances in the game. If I missed any pages or if there are any places in the game where the font color does not show up for the white team because of the white background in the game please report it in the bugs section of the game so that I can correct it.

I noticed that the servers are performing very well during all the war activities - except during update time. As a result I have placed limits on how many people are allowed to login before and after update time in order to reduce stress on the servers. If you get a busy page this is why. Just come back and do your thing later when the system isn't so busy.

Updated the saved nations screen. The main purpose behind this update was to prevent the random saved nation deletions that has been occurring throughout the history of the game. There was a myth that if you did not visit your saved nations often they would be automatically deleted from your list. This was not true and the saved nations should last until you deleted them now. Along with this update I added a notes field that you can access by clicking on the icon under the actions section. This will allow you to retain notes of those nations that you have saved.
Players can no longer delete their nations if they are involved in active wars or foreign aid agreements. The wars must end and the aid agreements must expire before attempting to delete.

Corrected an exploit that would allow nations to chain foreign aid agreements in a way that would prevent them from having to wait 10 days for other foreign aid agreements to expire before approving new ones. Now nations are only allowed to send aid to other nations that have 6 or less active or pending foreign aid agreements.
Corrected an exploit that allowed nations to remain in peace mode and then switch back and collect taxes without any penalty. Nations that are in peace mode must collect taxes before coming out of peace mode now.

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