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Last Major Update: 5/31/2024 7:00 AM

Cyber Nations is an ever evolving nation simulation game. Launched in 2006, there have been countless changes over the years. Use this page to see what's new.

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A war notification option has been added to the My Profile screen. Check the war notification box if you wish to receive email notifications when someone declares war on your nation.

Based on discussions from this suggestion the war declaration and spy operation range has been narrowed from 50%-200% to 75%-133%.
The 50K war declaration line has been removed from the game. The game will now use the strength range of 75%-133% as well as 250+/250- rankings based on strength for war declarations and spy operations. (DAC)Syzygy described this best here. This update does not affect Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.
Based on this suggestion the tax collection and bill payment screens will now calculate your current bills and taxes for you even if you have already paid your bills that day.
When looking at another nation's charts if their nation strength is within 10,000 points of your own then you will now see two line indicators on the 30 Day Nation Strength History chart. (One line for their nation and one line for yours.) If their nation strength is over 10,000 points of your own then you will only see one line because the chart does not render well if there is too much of a strength gap between the nations.

Navy vessels that are vulnerable to nuclear attacks will now be reduced in number by 25% rather than 75%. If you have the Fallout Shelter System nuclear vulnerable navy vessels will be reduced by 18% rather than 25%.
Corrected an issue where aircraft over the base limit was reduced in higher numbers after a nuclear attack.

Cyber Nations Tournament Edition has been brought back and round 2 has officially begun. If you are interested in playing a more aggressive version of Cyber Nations Standard Edition then head on over to Cyber Nations Tournament Edition and register an account. Players are allowed to have one account on Cyber Nation Standard and one account on Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.

Charts have been added to the world demographics screen, team statistics screen, the detailed alliance statistic screen and as a tab on the nation display page. The charts that track 30 day histories only have a few days worth of data so it will be another couple of weeks before you see the full 30 days worth of data points on the charts.
Updated the CN awards screen to show the top movers and shakers between nations and alliances in the game.

Individual team senators are now limited to 3 active team messages in the game. If you are a team senator and have created 3 active team messages then you will need to delete one of your messages to post a new one. Team senators may not delete other team senator messages for a period of 3 days. Team senators may delete their own team messages at any time.

A block user function has been added to the game. Players can now block users in the game if you decide that you no longer wish to receive private messages from a particular player. Blocking a user will not prevent system generated messages for things like foreign aid, trade, battles, etc...
- With the block user addition a couple of items on the nation display page have been rearranged. Specifically the nation name and ruler name as well as the save nation link have been relocated on the screen.

Two new improvements have been added to the game, the Naval Academy and the Naval Construction Yard. See the Information Index section on Improvements for more details.
Successful Gather Intelligence spy operations now reveal how many ship purchases a nation has made on the day of the spy operation attack.

The improvement purchase screen now allows nations to purchase and destroy multiple improvements at once. The screen functions just like the aircraft and navy purchase screens. This should help save players some time and frustration when managing their improvements.

The Fallout Shelter Wonder has been updated to allow 50% of defending soldiers to survive a nuclear attack. The wonder also now reduces aircraft and navy losses by 25%. See the Information Index section on Wonders for more information

Nations that are in peace mode may purchase up to 2 navy vessels per day. Nations in war mode may purchase up to 5 navy vessels per day.

Successful Gather Intelligence spy operations now reveal the defenders entire naval fleet broken down by individual navy vessel. Additionally, defending aircraft fighter and aircraft bomber strength will not be displayed in successful Gather Intelligence spy operations. (The output was too large to display each individual aircraft numbers so a total number display was used for aircraft instead.)

Navies have been added to the game. See the Information Index section on Navies for more information. Please report any bugs that you encounter with the new feature in the Bug Reports section of the Cyber Nations Forums.
The Foreign Airforce Base wonder now allows nations to deploy +20 aircraft in air battles instead of just +10.

Alliances now need 200 total members rather than 300 total members in order to be considered for sanctioned alliance status.
The frequency of receiving an event has been toned down. The odds of receiving an event drop to 7% after the first event, 3% after two events, and 0% after three five events.
The really negative "storms" event has been toned down.

Section 2 and Section 7 of the website terms and conditions have been updated. The updated changes may be cross referenced by reviewing the previous terms and conditions

Events have been turned back on in the game. Some of the existing events have been updated and new events have been added. There is now a 10% chance of getting an event for your nation both when collecting taxes and when paying bills.

Sanctioned alliances will now be processed automatically in the game rather than on a manual quarterly basis. If an alliance falls out of rank it will be automatically replaced by the next alliance in line. The sanctioned alliances are marked by a red italicized number on the All Alliances Display Screen. Only the top 12 alliances by score with at least 300 members are eligible for sanctioned status in the game. If an alliance gains sanctioned status in the game and holds that position for 10 days a representative from that an alliance may contact me via email or via private message on the forums to have their alliance flag added to the game.

Players will notice that the image verification codes used on the various screens within the game such as the registration and password verification screens now have a speaker icon next to the validation code. Clicking on the speaker icon will activate a voice reader to spell out the validation code on your computer's speakers. This has been put in place to allow those who are visually impaired to be able to play the game.
Players who attempt to visit http://cybernations.net will now be automatically redirected to http://www.cybernations.net. Some players may notice that your saved login credentials in your browser are cleared because of this update.

The four new wonders mentioned yesterday have been added to the game.

As described on 5-21 technology now increases damages caused in battle by +.01% per level of technology. This update affects ground battles, cruise missile attacks, nuclear missile attacks, and aircraft bombing attacks.
Nation events in the game have been disabled. The event code needs to be updated and until that happens no new nation events will be generated.
Four new wonders will be added to the game soon. See the entries in green text in the information index for more information.
The Pentagon wonder now offers the 20% ground battle bonus to attacking and defending ground battles. The wonder only affected attacking ground battles before this update.

As suggested here nations that are at war may spy against one another regardless of nation strength.
Ground battles now consist of cautious, planned, and aggressive attack types. The "standard" attack option has been removed.
Coming soon. Technology will soon increase damages caused in battle by +.01% per level of technology. If an attacking nation with 3,000 technology causes a defender to lose 20 infrastructure in a ground battle then based on this upcoming update the defender would lose a total of 26 infrastructure in the attack. (20 + (20 * (3000 * .01%)))

The game update log has been moved to this location in the game. The purpose of this move is to provide alerts to players when they login of important game updates. Moving forward whenever an important update is made to the game you will receive a notice when you login and when you view your nation display page. If the update is simply a cosmetic or non critical change then players will not be notified of the update in order to cut down on the number of update alerts issued in the game. To remove the notice from your login and nation display screens just visit this page and the messages will be cleared.

Based on this suggestion environment effects to population and happiness have been updated. If you have a bad environment you will notice more of a decrease in population and happiness than before. The higher your population and happiness the more impact environment will have.
Nuclear weapons now have a higher environment impact the more nukes that you own. Lead reduces the nuke environment penalty by 50%.
Monarchy no longer provides an environment bonus, it now provides a land bonus. Republic provides a spy bonus instead of improvement & wonder upkeep reduction. Revolutionary Government now also provides improvement & wonder upkeep reduction.

Change to the 5/12 update. On the Detailed Alliance Statistics screen the top row of the alliance stats that shows total alliance nations, strength, score, etc.. is now real time as it was before. Everything below the top row will continue to pull from the 12 hour database cache. The All Alliances screen will pull strictly from the 12 hour database cache.

Based on this suggestion The Real Time Alliance Statistics screen has been renamed to Detailed Alliance Statistics. The detailed alliance statistics screen now includes additional information such as alliance wide purchases of land, infrastructure, technology, nukes, soldiers, tanks, cruise missiles, the number of nations both in war mode and in peace mode, the number of nations in anarchy, and the count of alliance wide improvements and wonders. After much consideration on whether to provide such detailed alliance stats I decided that all of the information provided in this update is already visible in the game so it just makes sense to make the information a little easier to access. The results of alliance queries are now stored in the game database for fast retrieval after the initial query is run and to allow all alliances with 20 or more members, not just the top 12 sanctioned alliances, to be displayed in the updated All Alliances Display screen. Detailed Alliance Stats will remain static in the database for 12 hours. Once 12 hours has passed since the last query was run for an alliance the records will be updated and a new 12 hours will start. It will take a little time for all the active alliances in the game to be populated into the database. If a query is not run on an alliance for 7 days it will be automatically pruned from the database.

When replying to a message you will now have the option to view the original message that you are replying to by clicking the show/hide original message icon.
When viewing your inbox and outbox ruler names are now marked with a hyperlink that will take you directly to that user's nation. I never included this because this requires an additional database query but until now in order to get a link to the nation page of the sender it forced you to open the actual message which ran an even bigger database query. Since you no longer have to open the actual message to get a link to the nation the performance impact of this update should not be a factor.

Corrected an issue with the population income for Furs and Silver. Furs was giving too much population income and Silver was not giving enough according to the descriptions in the information index. The resources effects to population income is now accurate to the information index.

The world wars, exposed spy operations, and foreign aid stat and search pages have been updated to allow for single click searches by alliance. Icons for each type of stat pages mentioned above have been added to the top at the title line for visual reference of what screen is currently being viewed.
Based on this suggestion the ground battle screen no longer shows the defender's money reserves.

Nations can now opt in or out of receiving senate votes for their nation via their nation edit screen.

Players will notice when they login to the game a notice regarding an update to the website terms and conditions. Don't worry, we're not planning on shutting down or resetting the game. The most important change is how we are notifying users of such changes to the terms and conditions. (the notice that you saw in-game) If you click the link to review the terms and conditions the notice on the login and nation display screens will go away. Moving forward this will be the procedure whenever an update is made to the website terms and conditions.

The nation strength calculation has been updated. Please see the Information Index on nation strength for more information. For the next few days whenever you view a nation display page strength will auto update. You may need to refresh the page to get the new strength calculation.

Added a notepad to the game. Users can access their notepad by viewing their nation display screen and clicking the icon next to their nation name. The notepad stores plain text entries up to 2,000 characters in length.

Added a "Jump to Page" function on at the bottom of all in-game stats pages.
The issue with users of AOL, Comcast, and other email providers that have been having trouble receiving emails from the game has been corrected. If you've forgotten your game password and need it reset use this link and it should work for you now.
Infrastructure upkeep costs have been adjusted slightly for nations over 12K infrastructure. Before the latest wonders that were added to the game on 3-6-2008 infrastructure upkeep costs were reduced slightly at 12K infrastructure in order to prevent stagnation. Now that the new wonders are in the game this reduction in infrastructure upkeep costs is no longer necessary and it has been removed from the game.

Corrected a bug with the foreign aid feature of the game as detailed in this thread that would require players to delete their expired aid slots in order to make new foreign aid offers.

The alliance audit has been processed in-game. Please report any bugs in the bug report section of the forums.

The calculation for citizens has been updated. The old equation was not using the full land modifiers. The new equation uses the total land of a nation and has been simplified. Now every mile of land no matter how it is gained (purchases, modifiers, or natural growth) brings 0.2 citizens. The infrastructure portion of the citizen calculation has not been changed.
Sugar and Wheat no longer provide a land bonus. These two resources already provide citizen count increases and with the land update above they would have become over powered with the land bonus left in place.

Defending nations in ground battles and spy operations now use their fully modified land (purchases+modifiers+growth). Before this update defending nations were only using their purchased land amounts.
A possible exploit with the way bills and taxes are structured in the game has been corrected. An income penalty of -2% for every day of unpaid bills after the 19th day has been added to the game. The income penalty is structured as follows:
20th day = -20% income
21st day = -22% income
22nd day = -24% income
40th day = -60% income
60th day = -100% income

Furs now triple the natural growth of a nation as detailed in this thread.

Addressed issues with global radiation levels and spices as detailed in this bug report thread.
Corrected a bug with the military deployment screen so that nations that deploy more than 20% of their citizen population in actual soldiers will properly be placed into Anarchy. Moving forward you must keep at least 20% of your citizen population in actual defending soldiers (not in soldier efficiency) in order to prevent Anarchy when deploying military. The updated screen now includes a field called "Max Deploy W/Out Anarchy" that indicates the maximum number of soldiers that you can deploy before putting your nation into Anarchy.

The new wonders as mentioned yesterday have been added to the game.
Fine Jewelry has been updated. It now provides +3 happiness instead of +1.5 happiness.
Affluent Population has been updated. It now provides +5% population instead of +2 population happiness.

Four new wonders will be added to the game soon as indicated with Green Text in the Information Index. These wonders are designed for the very late game and include infrastructure level requirements of 11K and up.

Updated the aircraft decommission function to match the cruise missile decommission update performed on 2-18-2008.
The spy odds indicator on the spy operations screen has been changed to show 20% increments instead of 10% increments. Also, if you mouse over the indicator it will now show the estimated odds in a tool tip popup.

Updated the nuclear decommission function to match the cruise missile decommission update performed on 2-18-2008. I hope to update how aircraft are decommissioned soon.

Updated the cruise missile purchase screen with the added ability to decommission more than one cruise missile at a time. The purchase selection box will now let you purchase up to the limit of 50 cruise missiles. Nations will no longer be able to purchase more than 50 cruise missiles, those who currently have more than 50 will be allowed to keep them.

The hosting provider for the game and forums will be making some updates over the next several days. The game and forums may go down for a couple of hours during this time.

Nations that are in Anarchy may now conduct spy operations against other nations at twice the regular cost.

At least 3 characters are needed to enter an alliance name in-game. Alliance names with 1 or 2 characters were causing problems for the search systems in-game.

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